2012 Directors Circle Festival of Shorts Selections

Narrative ShortsDocumentary
A Clean House - NominatedDrug America
Crossbow: Ano UnoHip Hop Hassid - WINNER
Hard to Say - NominatedMERDE! - Nominated
InmovilSuit Yourself - Nominated
KorriroThe Tale Of Two Tables
LuminarisThe Toad Detour
Nothing But Besties - The Prom DressReligious/Spiritual
One Shot - WINNERAll Mormons Have Multiple Wives
Stillborn - NominatedHyperLightness ad absurdum - WINNER
SuckerLove Connects Us All
Wolf Call - NominatedRendez-vous ausx cieux - Nominated
You BetRestoration - Nominated
The Jesus Picture
Ella - WINNERExperimental
How to Not Rob a BankA Criança, a Mulher e os Homens - Nominated
My Home - NominatedAscent
Revenge of the FlyBeneath the Veneer of a Murder
Stop ItBetween - WINNER
The HopperInfidelity Vignette
Veggie PropagandaKen Waits...
Vengeance + VengeanceMedi-em
Vuelta Al Sueno: Un Cuento Cruel - NominatedSecret Fear
The Drop Never Comes
HorrorVoid - Nominated
Are You Looking - Nominated
CorridorMusic Video
The Urge - NominatedOhh Girl - WINNER
Realitory: Welcome To The Machine -WINNER