2018 Film Nominations

2018 Film Award Winners

Narrative ShortGLBT Short
Beti (Daughter)INFRA Story
Mita's DiaryMy Name Was January
The Patient
Experimental Short
Comedy ShortMoving Picture
I Am Your GiftThe World Is Round So That Nobody Can Hide In The Corners – Part II : The Kiss
MousseTwirl De Lux
We're Going to Paris
Animation Short
Horror ShortPensioners Chips Episode 5 Us Presidential Campaign
BurnSo, This Is How It Feels...
Like Every MorningsThe Sweet Sink and Without Color
Music Video
Documentary Short793
La Famille - One Afternoon for The Whole LifeHider - Don't Pretend It Was Nothing
Memories of WarsawNena & Dave Stewart: "Be My Rebel"
Once Upon a Time - The Savannah
Religious/Spiritual Short
The Gravedigger's Daughter
The Sunday
The Thought of You