Revolutionary Screening Platform & Virtual Theatre System

On the cutting-edge of advanced technology, and allowing independent filmmakers and fans to watch and enjoy the films worldwide on the go, from work, and from the comfort of their own homes, the Directors Circle Festival Of Shorts utilizes a revolutionary online screening platform and virtual theatre system that is heads above the rest.

In this technologically advanced world we live in, where communication and convenience MUST be at the tips of our fingers, we knew this was the next evolution in film festivals.

Since launching our festival online we have gained wide spread popularity among both the film viewing public, and filmmakers alike, not to mention production houses and distributors because they no longer have to travel to find the next film that will make Hollywood sit up and take notice. In this day and age, convenience is the name of the game, especially for the independent film industry.

Unlike most other festivals, ours is not limited by time, restricting how many films we could screen at the fest. Simply put, if a film is good, it will be accepted and screened without time constraints. Films will not be available for download, but shall be presented in a video on demand style system that will allow users to watch the films. The system will be secured and can be viewed from any computer, smart phone, or any mobile device.

Unlike other festivals streaming films online, films in this festival cannot be downloaded, the films HAVE NO EMBEDDING CODE and our HTML code if copied and pasted, the films will not play, therefore they CANNOT be placed on other websites.

The only time and place they can be viewed is in our festival. In short, we have gone to great lengths to set this system up to protect the safety and security of each filmmaker’s film always keeping the filmmaker in mind. Basically, it is just as secure as a brick and mortar theater screening, only much better.

You hear so much about the environment and global warming it got us thinking. When you realize how much power is used during the film fest – electricity for the building, natural gas for heat and the gasoline the people use to get to the fest it left one hell of a carbon footprint. By doing the whole festival on line it actually helps cut down on greenhouse gases.